Pontedera – Terre di Pisa (Italy) April 18-21, 2024

The #VespaWorldClub General Assembly voted: the next #VespaWorldDays will be held in Pontedera – Terre di Pisa (Italy) April 18-21, 2024.

This is a World Club international event for its club members only. Members of Australian local clubs, as listed on this website, are members of Vespa Club of Australia and therefore also members of Vespa World Club.

Full details to follow soon, as they announce them…. Save the date! We are expecting short timelines, and strong international demand for tickets. Not everyone is going to get a ticket.The VC Australia will collect pre-payments for tickets from members once we know the Euro prices, then we will bulk upload those applications when the event portal opens for national clubs. It is very important that you are in this intial upload. Members around the world can only register through their national club.

Bookmark these official news pages.

Web / a tab on this page: https://vespaworldclub.org

FB: https://www.facebook.com/VespaWorldDays

We are expecting information from the World Club shortly. Members around the world can only register through their national club.

Latest News

23/10 We’re told that all the information, program, and ticket pricing will be available to us by late November, along with the deadline for registration / ticketing and upload.

31/10 This website with accommodation and tourism advice has been published. https://www.visitterredipisa.it/en/client/site/m60778-vespa-world-days

25/11 There is currently no published program, or ticket price details.

5/12 Information is being progressivley loaded on the VWD wbsite, including a draft program Advive on Vespa Club of Australia participation is expected shortly.

Here is the process that the Vespa Club of Australia will follow.

The VCoA will be collecting registrations and pre-payment, before the VWC ticket portal officially opens to us. We’ll notify all Australian members primarily via their local club, but also via social media.

Applications will be processed through a link on this page, and only on this page.

We’ll ask you to pay us the ticket price (this includes conversion and Paypal expenses) in advance in AUD.

Ticket Prices

Full Ticket = AUD$

Light Ticket = AUD$

The only difference between a Full Ticket and Light Ticket, is that a Full Ticket includes attendance at the Gala Dinner. Otherwise the tickets are exactly the same.

We’ll verify with your local club that you are a financial member. Piaggio says that the tickets are for ‘members of good standing with their National Club”, meaning that preference is given to long standing financial members. Non-member applications will be cancelled and immediately refunded minus our PayPal expenses.

We’ll then bulk enter and pay all the verified applications. Tickets will sell out quickly, so it’s important to be in the initial bulk upload. Once the Vespa Club of Pontedera / Italy has confirmed our registration upload, and we will then bulk pay your fee. There is NO REFUND available afterwards, and tickets are not transferable. So you have to be absolutely sure when you apply.

Tickets are usually sent to the national club in the weeks prior to event and we then distribute to ticket holders via email.

The Vespa Club of Australia is here to work behalf of its members. We make no profit from these transactions.

You will appreciate that tickets for this event will be in strong demand – the Vespa Club of Italy alone has 95,000 members. Arrangements for flights and international travel are your responsibility and at your risk.

One financial membership means one ticket. There is no provision for the purchase of multiple tickets for partners or friends. All the clubs affiliated to the VCoA have provision for partner and spouse memberships. Your partner can join the VCoA and then register separately, or purchase a ‘day pass’ at the event.

Everything we know is posted to this page, and will be regularly updated. Please do not call, email, or message us.