Pontedera – Terre di Pisa (Italy) April 18-21, 2024

Applications for Registration are now closed

This is a World Club international event for its club members only. Members of Australian local clubs, as listed on this website, are members of Vespa Club of Australia and therefore also members of Vespa World Club. Please read this first before you hit the Application Button at the bottom of this page.

We are expecting short timelines, and strong international demand for tickets. Not everyone is going to get a ticket and not everyone will get all that they want. There is a new (and convoluted) system, which aims to ensure that all national clubs can have fair access to the event. There is a quota / cap for each country. The Vespa Club of Australia regards the quota we have been allocated as ‘fair’.

Basic Registration will be open to National Clubs on the 10th January, and it is expected that all 8,000 places will be allocated within four days. You must be in that intitial upload to have a chance at Registration. At this stage prices for Basic Registration, including the Gala Evening are AUD$152.

Bookmark these official websites. Be active over the summer peiod as new information is published.

Web / a tab on this page: https://vespaworldclub.org

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/VespaWorldDays

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/25240853518847575

Here is the process that the Vespa Club of Australia will follow.

  1. We will call for applications to Register via this web page from our Members around Australia. The VWC requires that you be a member of ‘good standing’ – so you must be financial. We will verify each applicant with the President of the relevant local Australian Club. Given that there’s a quota/cap we will give preference to our longer term members rather than people just newly joining to enhance their holiday. This application must be a definite commitment that you will attend. This is not an ‘Expression of Interest’.
  2. One financial membership means one ticket. There is no provision for the purchase of multiple tickets for partners or friends.
  3. You provide us with an email address that you open and check daily, even over the summer holiday period. We will communicate with you within short response timelines. We can’t be responsible if you miss a VWC deadline for registration or payment.
  4. We will upload all verified and pre paid applications to the VWD Registration portal on 10 January. You must be in this initial upload, as it’s expected all 8,000 tickets will be distributed within a few days. The National Australian President will then be asked by VWC to again verify and sign-off the Australian applications by 22 January. The VWC will confirm your registration as included (or not included) in the 8,000. If it is clear that we are under-quota before the 10th, we’ll let you know that your registration is a formality (relax). We then will bulk transfer it to the Vespa Club of Pontedera. There is NO REFUND available afterwards, and tickets are not transferable to others. So you have to be absolutely sure when you initially apply.

We are hoping that everything will be confirmed and in place for you by the end of January. Tickets are usually sent to the National club in the two weeks prior to event, and we then distribute to you via that email address you have provided us.

The Vespa Club of Australia is here to work on behalf of its members. We make no profit from these transactions.You will appreciate that tickets for this event will be in strong demand – the Vespa Club of Italy alone has 95,000 members. Arrangements for flights and international travel are your responsibility and at your risk.