The Vespa Club of Australia is a simple federation of affiliated Vespa Clubs, and our strength lies with the success of those local clubs. The national club doesn’t take individual memberships and we don’t issue a national membership card. If you are a member of an affiliated club then you automatically belong to us. Rather, your local affiliated club will issue a membership card and identify you as a member of that club, the Vespa Club of Australia, and the Vespa World Club. The Vespa Club of Australia federation is the only recognized Australian organization by the Vespa World Club and Piaggio, and only our members can be registered for international World Club events.

Join: Individual Membership

We prefer that you join your nearest affiliated club

Sydney: Vespa Club Sydney

Melbourne: Vespa Club of Melbourne 

Brisbane: Vespa Club Brisbane

Gold Coast: Vespa Club Gold Coast 

Adelaide: Vespa Club Adelaide

Perth: Vespa Club of Western Australia – Perth

Townsville: Vespa Club Townsville

Australian Capital territory: Vespa Club of Canberra


Affiliate your club and your members.

To affiliate your existing club or begin a new one

Affiliation means that your club is officially part of the Vespa Club of Australia, and that you have access to Vespa trademarks and the organization of the national club. There is a small annual fee, and you would appoint a representative (usually the club President) to the Vespa Club of Australia National Committee.

Your club:

  • Has a minimum of 5-7 members in your geographic area (city, town, region) and where there are no other clubs already affiliated with the Vespa Club of Australia.
  • Is open to owners of any Vespa. That is, any motor scooter manufactured and sold with the Vespa brand.
  • Is active and organizes regular riding and social events for members.
  • Actively promotes the Vespa brand, and can positively represent the Vespa trademarks.
  • Supports the aims of the Vespa Club of Australia.

Accountability to members:

We (and the Vespa World Club) prefer that you are an Incorporated Association in your State of residence, especially if you are a large club. If not, then the minimum requirements are that you:

  • Have an elected Committee with a minimum of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Hold an Annual General Meeting where your Committee is elected, and financial reports are presented to your members.
  • Maintain an accurate record of financial members, and can issue a Membership Card that identifies membership of your club and the Vespa Club of Australia.

Remember that we’re here to help you if you are new to setting up!

To enquire about forming or affiliating your club please take time to read the Vespa Club of Australia Rules below and contact us using the contact form here. If you are serious about affiliating your club, or forming a new club, then we have also developed this step by step Affiliation Kit. Get started!