The Vespa Club of Australia is formally associated with the Vespa World Club and our members are automatically members of the vespa world community.

The VESPA WORLD CLUB is an association formed in 2006. under the auspices of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. and the Piaggio Foundation, as the successor of Vespa Club of Europe founded in 1957. It unites Vespa Clubs from around the world, recognisable by their use of the trademarked cog logo design.

One of the benefits of your membership is that you are eligible to attend events organized under the Vespa World Club banner. There are many organised throughout the year, the main event being the annual Vespa World Days event in Europe.

You can keep track of what is happening in the world by visiting the Vespa World Club websites. or FB

Registration and attendance at these events is strictly limited to members only, and the process of ticketing can take number of weeks. So, if you are planning to combine attendance at an event with travel, you need to begin the ticketing process well ahead.

Here’s how you apply:

Contact the President of your local club and ask for an verification of your financial status, and referral to the national Australian President.

Only the national President has access to the event registration site. That’s the way the Vespa World Club works world-wide. So, you will need to liaise directly as you step through the process of registration, then payment, and eventual allocation of a ticket. Depending on the club and the person organising the event overseas, this can take several weeks. Be patient because the rewards are fantastic.