What is Vespa Club of Australia?

The new Associated Vespa Clubs of Australia, trading as the Vespa Club of Australia, is a federation of affiliated clubs and has been formed with the same aims:

  • Represent Australian Vespa Clubs nationally, and internationally within the Vespa World Club.
  • Promote and assist the formation of Vespa Clubs in Australia.
  • Assist in the organization of national events to involve Affiliated Clubs.
  • Work in association with Vespa Australia to promote the Vespa brand.

The club is registered to trade under the name ‘Vespa Club of Australia’, and is also permitted to use the Vespa® trademark.

Our next step was to be confirmed as a member of the Vespa World Club. This is now complete and Vespa Club of Australia is now recognised by the Vespa World Club.

The temporary logo from the original Vespa Club of Australia, that we used on first launch, is now also replaced by our very own brand new cog design!