This is a help page for clubs using this website and server for their pages.

Do not link to or share this page, this is for club web users only, we kept it open for ease of use, but we do not want the public to link to it.

VCoA is offering a few pages to any club under it’s affiliation status for free, there are obviously limitations and the following is a basic help guide to some common questions, there is plenty of resources on the internet on using what are called ‘blocks’ to build a great looking pages, if you are not sure where to start and haven’t used WordPress before then check out this video:

If you have any questions then give me (Steve) a shout via

After you first login, you will see your profile screen, you can change your name and change the colour to suit (the login name will remain the same)

Start by editing an existing page as below:

Or add a new page as required – please limit pages to 2 or 3

The new page will look like this below, start by giving it a title like ‘Vespa Club Sydney Home’ or ‘VCS About’ this is so that we can see who owns which page as we have lots to look through on the entire site (select ‘All’ under pages to see all of the pages on the website, you will only be able to edit your own pages however

Add a new ‘Block’ by clicking the plus sign and selecting one of the many blocks on the pop up or ‘Browse All’ for a full list on the left as in the next image

If you do not see the settings on the right, click the box below, shown here in black, also ensure to use the ‘Clean Page’ template or it will look like a VCoA page with top image and full menu at the top

To create a menu like setup of your own, Highlight any text and click the link icon as shown below and start to type your own page title in, a pop up will show the page, please check it is yours and click to select it

This is only a start guide, so have a go, any questions we can setup a call via Teams and I can guide you through anything further.

Cheers, Steve

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